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Let your inner turtle take the lead

Do you consider speed one of your strengths? Have you always been praised for understanding problems fast, speaking up quickly, and making prompt decisions? Then you probably have a leadership role and this quality has contributed to your success. However, it could also be your greatest weakness.

Moving too fast can actually hinder progress. Many leaders have regretted actions carried out too quickly. Instead of making snap decisions, they should learn to rely on “negative capabilities”, learning to pause and wait, even under extreme pressure. NOT constantly taking action is an undervalued attribute of successful leaders.  

All traits come in pairs of two extremes. We cannot own one unless we take ownership of the other. When leaders find a way to live with their underdeveloped opposing traits, they gain access to more ways of being. 

Why not let your inner turtle take the lead for a change? If you are curious to know how to benefit by exploring more sides of yourself, contact us.