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What qualities are hidden in your shadow?

Are you aware of all your personality traits, or – like most people – do you pay attention only to your conscious traits? When you think of being “self-aware,” does that just mean knowing what your values, goals, strengths, and weaknesses are?

A large part of the self is hidden in the shadow. At various points in our lives, we have rejected certain parts of ourselves. When we were children, some of our personality traits may have been seen as flaws. We did not want to be that person! Other traits may have been positive qualities that our families did not accept, such as being “too” smart. Now we don’t dare to be that person. When these traits stay hidden in the unconscious, they create shame, block energy, and prevent us from fulfilling our potential. The more we resist these unwanted parts, the more they bother us.

We can learn to accept and integrate such “inferior” personality traits by paying attention to the shadow. The shadow can reveal itself as an inner judge or a feeling of irritation, directed towards other people. By getting to know all aspects of ourselves, we can become more self-aware and learn to accept our unique ways of being.

When darker elements within us are brought into the light, they are no longer in shadow and they lose their negative quality. To learn how to benefit by exploring more sides of yourself, contact us.