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Honey-ghost-trap now granted as a registered trademark within EU

Honey-ghost-trap now granted as a registered trademark within EU.

I just got a late Christmas gift or an early birthday present.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, has just granted the European registration of my trademark “honey-ghost-trap”. The grant includes the services “Business management consultancy in executive and leadership development” and “Management training services; coaching”.

The trademark registration means that no one else may use the honey-ghost-trap anywhere in the EU without my approval. Accordingly, anyone interested in learning more about our shadow side knows that the honey-ghost-trap is the original concept.

I created the honey-ghost-trap while writing my master’s thesis at Insead Business School in France in the spring and summer of 2021. Since then, over 100 leaders have completed the process of regaining ownership over dismissed and forgotten qualities and traits in their shadow. And thereby get access to more available choices of behaviors in their leadership roles.

The honey-ghost-trap is not the endpoint. It’s a gateway to an endless exploration of the many aspects of being a leader. The tool can be used as an add-on in any developmental process.